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Guarantee and Warranty

LYP Limited Warranty

Buying from LYP means that the buyer agree on all the terms and conditions written by the seller expressly in the LYP Limited Warranty. LYP Warranty only covers the product which sold by LYP and internal parts, it does not cover any labor/freight/ testing fees and any other fees, also it does not cover the indirect loss.

We need our products to be in mechanical working condition when properly installed under normal use and service during the period of warranty within the Terms and Conditions as follows:

Buyer's warranty continues from the original invoice date for all replacement spare of our products or original purchaser product. It will be extended only for a specific period because of confirmation by LYP. Warranty applies only to the original purchaser product and is not transferable to any others. All engines, transmissions and all the parts which sold by LYP company, warranty does not carry any labor fees or accessory or relative any miscellaneous expenses at sea port or transportation fees or any others which caused by the original purchaser product. Warranty only applies to original purchaser product and internal parts alone.

1. Engine Warranty: 6 month/15,000 kms whichever comes first from the date of purchase unless otherwise stated in the invoice.

2. Cylinder head/Crankshaft/Connecting rod/Camshaft/Alternator/Starter/Water pump/ Oil pump/Turbocharger etc Warranty: 1 year/30,000 kms whichever comes first from the date of purchase unless otherwise stated in the invoice.

LYP Warranty does not cover damage or loss due to misuse, maintenance neglect, abuse, vandalism, abnormal operation, accidents or fire.

Repairs or modifications for the defective productsthe buyer must notify LYP in writing, Repairs, disassembly or modifications done without prior authorization from LYP will automatically void the warranty. Always ask for LYP authorization first before doing anything.

NO WARRANTY: The following are expressly excluded in LYP Warranty

1. LYP will not be responsible or liable for any labor cost of consequential downtime claims (freight, cost of towing, loss of work, car rental, downtime etc) causing by repairs or modifications the original purchaser product and internal parts alone, the buyer will responsible for all any other cost of consequential downtime.
2. Damages caused by overheating, lack of oil or lubrication, or incorrect type of oil used.
3. Damage caused by use of any external accessories or parts, or the improper installation of these parts.
4. Any damage to or failure of any parts not supplied by LYP.
5. Use of the engine in competitive events, or any related/equivalent purpose.
6. Failure to follow recommended maintenance requirements.
7. According to this warranty, any damage or failure of any parts can not be sold without confirmed by LYP.



1. All products sold must be installed, maintained, or adjusted by the eligible technician to avoid any loss causing by the misuse.
2. Radiator must be flow and pressure checked, repair and replace if necessary, also need to replace the relative spare parts (Thermostat, temperature sensor, water pump, radiator hoses).
3. All engines and cylinder head need to protect the worker from overheated engines.
4. Customer should be replaced timing belt(s) in time, no warranty for consequential damages from broken timing belt(s).
5. Front and rear crank seals should be replaced in time.
6. Transmission cooler lines must be updated, and transmission oil and gear oil must be filled prior to installation. Some front wheel transmission need to fill differentials oil.
7. Upon engine start up, engine valves must be readjusted to manufacturer’s specifications after engine reaches normal operating temperature.


Return Policy and Refund

Exchange or Refund: If a product does not remain serviceable for the full warranty period, the defective unit should be returned to LYP by the buyer, LYP will provide a product exchange for replacement free in customer next order, in principle, only replace the new product free, no refund.

1. LYP reserves the right to tear down and examine defective products before adjustment will be made.
2. The defective unit must be returned as received, completely assembled with completely packing box.
3. Since the date of confirmation return, all the product need to be returned within 30 days, if returned after 30 days, no Warranty.
4. All returns subject to a minimum 20% restocking fee.
5. Special order goods are not exchanged and refundable, special order deposit are not refundable, such as engraved with the buyer’s special mark or buyer’s own packing, any order deposit are not refundable,
6. The buyer will responsible for all shipping fees and relative fees because of returned.


Limited Warranty:

This LYP warranty is in lieu of any and all other expressed or implied warranty term.  LYP does not authorize any distributor, dealer, agent, or employee to enlarge, extend, or modify this warranty.

This warranty begins from the date of the original invoice and may be extended only for a specific period because of warranty repairs but the extended warranty must be confirmed by lyp in advance. If a defect exists within the warranty period, the warranty will not expire until finish the warranty.

Procedure of Compensation

1. Put forward a written application, provide the relevant certificates (including pictures, test report, definite quality problem or damage reason)
2. The buyer need offer back one or more sample for testing by lyp technician, if necessary.
3. LYP will test the product quality, if the quality problem exists, LYP will provide the warranty solution under this warranty.
4. After confirmed and agreed by both parties, finish the compensation matter
5. In principle, if the quality problem exists, LYP will repair or replace the eligible product free in next order, no refund.

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